Dongtini — Episode 15

October 26, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: this week Stephy ventured onto a Christian college campus and had PTSD flashbacks; Simone made a critically acclaimed appearance on the Lavender Hour; there really should be an age limit on hickey display; Taco Bell ridiculosity (I actually am a taco, ocifer).

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Click here to listen to Simone’s so-so appearance on The Lavender Hour!
According to this man’s ID, he is a taco.
Stephy loves Eugene Peterson enough to venture onto the SPU campus, and that is a lot. Here is Eugene speaking a bit on faith outside the church:

Gentle, adorable, grandfatherly Eugene talking about what motivated him to translate the Bible from the original languages:

Click the wanky tweet for Stephy’s post on theolojizzing.

Commence fan photo onslaught!

Simone and Richard Simmons
Stephy, Simone and Richard
Simone, Stephy, Richard & Jona
Bunion, Simone and Richard
Thus concludes the onslaught of Richard Simmons

Closing song: Midlake—”Roscoe”
RIP Nigel Emery, who first played this song for us. You were the zaniest Supergrass roadie ever.

Dongtini — Episode 14

October 19, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: truck drivers assail McDonald’s bathrooms: a firsthand account; Stephy tells Simone about Dino the Christian Liberace; ridiculously foul ladies’ room grossness.

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Every day wear one thing that scares you.
Dino, the Christian Liberace
Michael Jackson on McDonald’s bathrooms:
Jona’s Oscar-winning blog, Cupcake Heartbreak
Closing song: France Gall – “Laisse Tomber Les Filles”

Dongtini — Episode 13

October 13, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

This week, the validity of the word douchebag is discussed along with other words that upset Stephanie. Simone delights in meeting Dongtini fans and the two new segments which are introduced, one of which involves Taco Bell!

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Listener poll! Is the word “panties” gross?

If you see this man, for the love of god, give him hot sauce.

Placenta hair care products. Buy it now at WalMart!
The tasteless placenta shampoo artwork reminds Simone of this:
The 80’s. A time when Michael Jackson wasn’t the scariest person in a picture.
In dire need of ‘LOS’.

Thank-you, Jesus. 

Closing song: Tennis Pro—”Clothing Optional Christian Barbecue”

Dongtini — Episode 12

October 5, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

Special name-dropping episode! Topics include: famous douchebags, Third Man Records, douchey art, cults are sneaky, Stephy vs. Mars Hill Church, Simone the stewardess, Stephy’s blog is a halfway house for atheists with religious families, and do compliments from drunk people still count?


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The Mars Hill video of which Stephy says “What’s frightening is that most people in Christian culture wouldn’t see anything in this they should be concerned about.”
The Mars Hill making-the-video video of which Stephy says
“Brace yourself for a hurricane of douche!”
Stephy is in love with this Franciscian friar.
Simone, intercessor for seatbelt extenders, even though they didn’t need them in the 60s.
Stephy’s September mix. It’s on Spotify or
click the pickles to download the old way.
Closing song: Kavinsky – “Nightcall”