Dongtini — Episode 117

November 19, 2014 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: Simone says “The Room” is a perfect example of what happens when people don’t listen to others, Stephy accidentally retweeted a pic of someone’s vag on SCCL, means and methods of awakening empathy, drunken bang cutting, Dr. Huxtable, straight men should be catcalled in the Castro so they know how it feels, Facebook “Howl” drama, more dick pics, the wisdom of Taylor Hawkins, bathroom attendants, Mary Timony, racism vs. stereotypes, a new Dongtacular Vernacular™, and we fucking hate the apostle Paul. “We’ve got listeners in China, sir, who are laughing at your dong!” — Simone Turkington, 2014

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Dongtini – Episode 117

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I can’t find the filthy date night pic I accidentally retweeted! This sucks! —stephy

Whiskey, meet bangs.Whiskey, meet bangs.
Mary Timony & Stephy eeeeeMary Timony & Stephy eeeee

Closing song: King Missile — “Jesus Was Way Cool”

Dongtini — Episode 116

November 3, 2014 in Podcast, Uncategorized by dongtini

On this episode: We know you’ve been waiting for Dongtini’s official take on 10 Hours of Walking Through NYC and now you’re going to get it. Also: Simone’s personality was assessed by a stranger, Stephy was propositioned by a gentleman lying on the sidewalk, the Giants suck, Simone’s in a new writers group, Stephy has chronic pumpkin patch angst, there’s a new Taco Bell app, more buttplug queries, Christian Mother Goose stories, and would you believe Simone was a debutante? And the closing song is scientifically proven to be amazing.

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Dongtini – Episode 116


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Simone the debutanteSimone the debutante
simonedeb1Young girl, get out of my mind.

Closing song: The Four Lads — “Standing on the Corner”