Dongtini — Episode 117

November 19, 2014 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone says “The Room” is a perfect example of what happens when people don’t listen to others, Stephy accidentally retweeted a pic of someone’s vag on SCCL, means and methods of awakening empathy, drunken bang cutting, Dr. Huxtable, straight men should be catcalled in the Castro so they know how it feels, Facebook “Howl” drama, more dick pics, the wisdom of Taylor Hawkins, bathroom attendants, Mary Timony, racism vs. stereotypes, a new Dongtacular Vernacular™, and we fucking hate the apostle Paul. “We’ve got listeners in China, sir, who are laughing at your dong!” — Simone Turkington, 2014

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Dongtini – Episode 117

Upvote “openly closeted” and “oneion” on Urban Dictionary

I can’t find the filthy date night pic I accidentally retweeted! This sucks! —stephy

Whiskey, meet bangs.Whiskey, meet bangs.
Mary Timony & Stephy eeeeeMary Timony & Stephy eeeee

Closing song: King Missile — “Jesus Was Way Cool”

Dongtini — Episode 56

August 8, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone goes camping with only a yoga mat and internet access, Stephy’s meme pisses off Glenn Beck, and mean people on Facebook need to fuck off. Also: the Kazakhstan national anthem debacle, Peter Rollins the Irish philosopher, single parenting, female peeing contraptions (gross), the OTHER Simone & Stephanie, and things we learned during the opening ceremonies.

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Dongtini – Episode 56

Beautiful Barton’s candy shop. Be cool like Simone and @SandiV and make it YOUR phone wallpaper!
The beautiful mid-century modern home of Sandi Vincent that Simone got to visit in Portland.
Simone resorts to public urination for the Foo Fighters, only for their career to soon turn to public defection.


This came up when googling “camping sucks.”
Stephy’s incindiary meme.


Glenn mad.


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Borat version of Kazakhstan national anthem played at Kuwait sporting event!

Closing song: Gene McDaniels — “Tower of Strength”