Dongtini – Episode 11

September 28, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

This time Stephy and Simone talk about stupid baby names derived from gross things and recite TV commercials from the ’80s that they can still remember. They delve into the amazing invention that is Twitter and how sad it is that some people don’t “get” it. Neil Hamburger is glorified for dismantling Axe body spray’s marketing department, then Stephy tries to read Ryan’s hilarious office emails with a straight face (it doesn’t happen).

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How Simone remembers.
The flower that is the subject of Ryan’s office email prank.

Some Twitter accounts we love:

And then of course, there’s us!


Neil Hamburger vs. stupid companies and their retarded tweets. Neil’s winning, see here!
Read all about the Anti-Axe art contest that Axe body spray tried to kill.

Closing song: Air — “Remember”

Dongtini — Episode 10

September 17, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

On the heels of last week’s music discussion, Simone declares that Jay-Z is “fucking garbage” and she and Stephy debate the public’s diminished expectations, the dulcet tones of Axl’s voice, Auto-Tune, the spirituality of music, and wonder why Stephy loves pop but gets a chest pain from Ke$ha. The n-word comes up leading to Simone telling of a shocking Aussie nursery rhyme, Stephy gasping a lot, and Simone asking if white people say the n-word when they’re singing along to rap. Somehow this leads to Scarlett Johansson’s naked pictures which the ladies psychoanalyze, and wonder why Scarlett even took those of herself. Hotness is described as a superpower and that everyone’s afraid of getting old.

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Louis C.K. on the offensive “n-word”.

Stephy hearts this book.
Surely no single photo could sum up an episode as perfectly as this one.
A black person, an unflushed toilet and a desperate “hot girl” pose, all in one.
Closing song: The Beatles — “Her Majesty”

Dongtini – Episode 9

September 12, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

Simone is back from England and ready to tell you about brothel signs, shoddy plumbing and seeing Pulp. Stephy talks about going to a Christian camp in Texas called…Camp Peniel. And on the penile subject, Simone has the horrifying details of a product called Rape Axe which is guaranteed to make your rapist very, very sorry.

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No moleste.
…that we know of.
The worst toilet in Scotland
Rape Axe. You’ve been warned.
Looks fun!

Rape-Axe: the demo

Al-u-min-um vs. al-u-MINI-um
If someone tries to sell you a $500 burrito please call the cops.
Closing song: Jellyfish—”Sebrina, Paste and Plato”