Dongtini – Episode 3

June 25, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

Simone was out of town but Dongtini is back! This week the ladies discuss Stephy’s workplace crying and a lesbian Christian comedienne she was fortunate (?) enough to experience. Simone touches upon her travels but gets on the sorry subject of women’s restrooms and each delivers a Reading From The Heart (which has a thrilling conclusion if you make it all the way to bitter end).

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Here’s a promotional video for The Big Penis Book, the subject of Stephy’s Reading From The Heart.

And a photo Simone snapped from the book some time ago:

See the NSFW image here

And tune in next week to hear Simone’s report after attending a Braco gazing session. Here’s a taste:

Dongtini – Episode 2

June 9, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

In the second episode of Dongtini: Stephy and Simone deliberate names with unsavory connotations, agree that Simone’s name doesn’t sound very sexy in a Sri Lankan accent, Stephy professes her love of cheesy music and confesses the raw contents of her iTunes (much to Simone’s chagrin), compare what they hide before their parents come to visit, relive the horror of sex ed in school and squirm about the prying questions Stephy’s son has been asking about sex.

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Here is the Horny Hillbilly which Simone doesn’t bother to hide when her mum visits.

And someone found this picture that looks like Stephy and Simone but it is not so just get that out of your head right now.