Dongtini — Episode 117

November 19, 2014 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone says “The Room” is a perfect example of what happens when people don’t listen to others, Stephy accidentally retweeted a pic of someone’s vag on SCCL, means and methods of awakening empathy, drunken bang cutting, Dr. Huxtable, straight men should be catcalled in the Castro so they know how it feels, Facebook “Howl” drama, more dick pics, the wisdom of Taylor Hawkins, bathroom attendants, Mary Timony, racism vs. stereotypes, a new Dongtacular Vernacular™, and we fucking hate the apostle Paul. “We’ve got listeners in China, sir, who are laughing at your dong!” — Simone Turkington, 2014

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Dongtini – Episode 117

Upvote “openly closeted” and “oneion” on Urban Dictionary

I can’t find the filthy date night pic I accidentally retweeted! This sucks! —stephy

Whiskey, meet bangs.Whiskey, meet bangs.
Mary Timony & Stephy eeeeeMary Timony & Stephy eeeee

Closing song: King Missile — “Jesus Was Way Cool”

Dongtini — Episode 100

January 29, 2014 in Podcast

100th episode extravaganza! Simone has special surprises and Stephy becomes apoplectic, and we rehash Dongtini glories and highlights. Also: Simone went to a noisy Flowers in the Attic screening,  Stephy is the unwitting recipient of a dick pic, we have a celebrity edition of Dongs in the News, the fundifeminists made a watchdog tumblr about Stephy, Facebook Watchdog, Readings From The Heart and some epic Taco Bell News.

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Dongtini – Episode 100

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Listener Jonathan’s sticky toffee puddong for Simone

Here is the controversial vine. And before you click, please internalize that this comes with a serious NSFW warning: VINE.

Read the Reddit thread about the guy with two penises here.

His real name is Anthony Scott Flippen. Makes sense somehow.

Pimentos explained. Breakfast, lunch and dinner!

 And here is Ryan Jones’ epic exchange with a scam artist. ENJOY.

Closing song: The Proclaimers (feat. Dongtini) — “100 Miles”