Dongtini — Episode 92

June 14, 2013 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone’s harrowing yet ultimately quite successful birth experience, church-sanctioned porn ‘n pancakes, fertility is a bitch, when firemen are in your bedroom and you don’t have any pants on, the “Behind The Candelabra” film is finally here!, ugly babies, Hammerhead vs. foreigners,  the new pope says even atheists can go to heaven, Rob Bell vs. Mark Driscoll, Tony Jones hosts a feminism week, Stephy’s Facebook note hoping to start conversation around misogyny in church, Lolly wails in the background, Taco Bell news, anal massage and hilarious baseball names. #CharlieFurbush 

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Dongtini — Episode 92

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The video on self anal breathing and massage you’ve been looking for!

In this interview, Rob Bell talks to Pete Holmes about hell and how maybe it’s not what we’ve been told it is. 
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Stephy just read this.

Closing song: Bee Gees — “Run To Me”

Dongtini — Episode 14

October 19, 2011 in Podcast

On this episode: truck drivers assail McDonald’s bathrooms: a firsthand account; Stephy tells Simone about Dino the Christian Liberace; ridiculously foul ladies’ room grossness.

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Every day wear one thing that scares you.
Dino, the Christian Liberace
Michael Jackson on McDonald’s bathrooms:
Jona’s Oscar-winning blog, Cupcake Heartbreak
Closing song: France Gall – “Laisse Tomber Les Filles”