Dongtini — Episode 15

October 26, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: this week Stephy ventured onto a Christian college campus and had PTSD flashbacks; Simone made a critically acclaimed appearance on the Lavender Hour; there really should be an age limit on hickey display; Taco Bell ridiculosity (I actually am a taco, ocifer).

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Click here to listen to Simone’s so-so appearance on The Lavender Hour!
According to this man’s ID, he is a taco.
Stephy loves Eugene Peterson enough to venture onto the SPU campus, and that is a lot. Here is Eugene speaking a bit on faith outside the church:

Gentle, adorable, grandfatherly Eugene talking about what motivated him to translate the Bible from the original languages:

Click the wanky tweet for Stephy’s post on theolojizzing.

Commence fan photo onslaught!

Simone and Richard Simmons
Stephy, Simone and Richard
Simone, Stephy, Richard & Jona
Bunion, Simone and Richard
Thus concludes the onslaught of Richard Simmons

Closing song: Midlake—”Roscoe”
RIP Nigel Emery, who first played this song for us. You were the zaniest Supergrass roadie ever.