Dongtini — Episode 60

September 5, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: the ladies are outraged by Mars Hill’s stupid dating advice, Stephy found a Christian blog that says “when you get to know your husband’s penis, you honor God,” and our husbands read a transcript of one of our episodes (Gregg playing the role of Simone, David playing the role of Stephy). Also: Amazon reviews written by geniuses, fried chicken, BJ camp, and words Simone hates. The onus is on YOU.

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Dongtini – Episode 60

This woman has 3 things she thinks you should probably know about your husband’s dong.

There are dozens and dozens of these.


From Listener Bobby’s spinoff series “Hey, Stop That.”
Art restoration: you’re dong it wrong.

Stephy’s rendering of what an “onus” looks like in her head. (Note: onus is descending. Because it’s on you.)

Closing song: Lydia Parry — “Scream”

Dongtini — Episode 31

February 15, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone attended a puppy baptism, the documentary Paul McCartney Is Really Dead is The Room of documentaries, medical misadventures, what happens when you eat only McNuggets for 17 years, and Stephy explains the concept of worship to a baffled Simone. (Simone: “I don’t understand worship. It makes God sound like a giant egomaniac.” Stephy: “I know, right?”) Oh, and call the DongMail! 1-323-301-DONG


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Dongtini – Episode 31

The puppy baptism Simone attended
Trailer for the wonderfully horrible ‘Paul McCartney Really Is Dead’.
Note the narrator is supposed to be George Harrison. Christ almighty.
This comes up if you google "eye rubbing is bad."

Closing song: Mini Mansions — “Heart of Glass”

Dongtini — Episode 28

January 25, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Seattle’s snowmageddon thwarts Simone’s visit to Stephy, debauchery in a drive-thru, the gift of penis straws, hilarious parodies of cult-ish megachurch leaders, and are goatees the new mullet?
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 Simone’s magic kit, recently uncovered in Melbourne.

Guess which McDonald’s food item this is. Hint: it’s some kind of “meat.”
Stephy and a dong straw from listeners Chris & Carol! Fanks
Axl Rose reporting for jury duty.
Parody of Steven Furtick’s “Hey Haters” video which we hope was
directed at Jeff Breakfast’s entry for Steven’s church planting competition.
See Jeff’s entry here and see the original “Hey Haters” video here.
The best Hitler parody video ever made? Hitler rants about Mark Driscoll.
Stephy thinks this may be the greatest thing humanity has accomplished this century.
Insane true story of spiritual abuse at Mars Hill church by blog Jesus Needs New PR.
Click the image of Mark Driscoll to read and be sure to check out part two.

Closing song: Perry Como—”Seattle”