Dongtini — Episode 31

February 15, 2012 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: Simone attended a puppy baptism, the documentary Paul McCartney Is Really Dead is The Room of documentaries, medical misadventures, what happens when you eat only McNuggets for 17 years, and Stephy explains the concept of worship to a baffled Simone. (Simone: “I don’t understand worship. It makes God sound like a giant egomaniac.” Stephy: “I know, right?”) Oh, and call the DongMail! 1-323-301-DONG


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Dongtini – Episode 31

The puppy baptism Simone attended
Trailer for the wonderfully horrible ‘Paul McCartney Really Is Dead’.
Note the narrator is supposed to be George Harrison. Christ almighty.
This comes up if you google "eye rubbing is bad."

Closing song: Mini Mansions — “Heart of Glass”