Dongtini — Episode 57

August 15, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone was rolled in gaydom at Liza Minelli then floured in De Stijl-y prog at Jack White, Stephy reads a juicy letter from someone who was excommunicated from Mars Hill Church, and Simone queries Stephy about the book of Revelation. Also: Simone interviews Skip Elsheimer from AV Geeks, passwords for parties in hotels, Peter Rollins taught Stephy’s kids a magic trick, the purpose of deconstruction, and a review of an excessively graphic instructional film on sex for people with disabilities.


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Dongtini – Episode 57

The best decision Simone and Gregg ever made. #glug
An Urban Dictionary definition of Jack.
Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church has a lot of influence. (Meme lovingly made by Ben from the Grapes of Rad.)
That Revelation is some wild and wacky stuff.

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The ABC of Sex Education For Trainables, an early bonding point for Simone and Stephy.

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Rather text than talk? Take a trip to Telezonia and learn the fundamentals of using a telephone!

If you’ve enjoyed these films and would like to see more, visit AV Geeks and if you like, donate to Skip’s fundraiser to digitize 100 miles of film!

We heart AV Geeks.

Closing song: Superchunk — “Cruel Summer”