Dongtini — Episode 98

November 26, 2013 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: the new Japanese game show Orgasm Wars, Simone pressed her baby up against Walter White (“The more people tell Stephanie to watch Breaking Bad the less likely she is to watch it.” —Simone), cat chat, Catilin Moran vs. certain feminists, complementarianism in the church, Simone’s Product Reviews, Dongs In The News, and introducing a new segment: Theologians Being Dicks™.
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Dongtini — Episode 98

Captain Waffles vs. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Click here for the HuffPo piece on the Japanese game show “Orgasm Wars.” OMGOSH.

 Click here to learn about VPL (visible panty line) on Wikipedia.

Simone exchanges her son for some blue meth.


Closing song: Neil Hamburger — “Recycle Bin”