Dongtini – Episode 99

December 30, 2013 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode, Simone finds things funny in her mind, Stephanie sobers up in time for a school play, Simone loses her shit over Yahoo Answers and talks moronicide, angry feminists would rather rapists kept raping than change their raping ways, the 2nd Episodial Dong Award is awarded, listener voicemails are tended to, and a famous dong is in the news!

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Dongtini – Episode 99


Baby Quincy meets a kangaroo!


Does this video make you audibly laugh, or is it just funny in your mind?

Listener Eugene’s award winning submission of the Game of Thrones wiener song on South Park!

This image of passive aggressive grammar mugs shows less mugs than I would have guessed. - ST


Simone’s review of ‘The Disaster Artist’ on


Closing song: Nena — “99 Luftballoons”