Dongtini — Episode 33

February 29, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: The story of how Simone and Stephanie met, more roommate horror stories, a listener voicemail that would make Taco Bell very upset, another listener voicemail about spirituality in connection to art, Simone was evangelized by a stranger, and Stephy thinks U2 should just stay home and take a nap.

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Dongtini – Episode 33

Simone with Jerry Levine who played Stiles in Teen Wolf and the infamous "What are you looking at dicknose" print


The lads. Simone’s blog post deconstructing the loss of Supergrass is here.


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Kids these days! They'd rather be famous than a vet or a doctor.

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Closing song: Supergrass — “Richard III” (One of our favourite songs EVER. Listen and convert.)

Dongtini — Episode 30

February 8, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone and Stephy discuss the disparaging portrayal of Margaret Thatcher and the possibility that gender discrimination is at hand, Simone has something to say about Man Buns, Stephy shares her disgusting association with the Footprints poem, and a new artisanally-crafted True Story From Bill™ is read.

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Madonna on her creepy, child bride, Catholic first communion day.
Why not make the Footprints poem a part of you?
Unacceptable man bun.
If she was a man would they have focused so much on her Alzheimer’s? Huh?
Closing song: Secret Chiefs 3 (feat. Mike Patton) —”La Chanson de Jacky”