Dongtini — Episode 70

November 21, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: French 75s, the other Dave and Steph, brunch is a horrible word, Catilin Moran’s endearing brand of feminism, Alphanail will get you so laid, the care and feeding of your enneagram 4, injustice and fluffy kitties, speaking the same relational language, self-soothing and emotional currency, 69 vs 68 ½, Emily from Talk Time leaves a voicemail about her sympathy lactation, the conundrum of treating your family worse than anyone else when you love them more than anyone else, Betty Butterfield (“Mmhellooo?”), fistfighting with your sister, Ghostbusters 2 is shit, listener voicemails about dongs, and no self-respecting man should ever have to buy cotton balls. 

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Dongtini – Episode 70

Click here for the French 75 recipe and then have two and chase them with beer so you too can frow up like Stephy did!

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One of the enneagram books Stephy got from the liberry.
If you’re a real man (read: douchelord), you’ll paint your nails with Alpha Nail, nail polish. At least revel in the website!
It’s like Axe body spray for your nails.

Closing song: Al Green — “Let’s Stay Together”