Dongtini — Episode 52

July 11, 2012 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: Stephanie is on a road trip with evangelical family, in spite of no listener demand Simone’s potato salad is back and making quite a splash, name-dropping feels icky but also feels necessary, and Stephy is interviewed for a documentary about Christians holding out for marriage to have sex. Also: Taco Bell news, Clownvis Presley’s Dongline Song, Stephanie Tanner and Ray Pruitt’s Donna Martin induced blue balls.

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Dongtini – Episode 52

Stephy was interviewed for the documentary, Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex 


Blue balls is not a justification for battery.
Taco Bell airlifts USDA grade-D meat to the good people of Alaska.
Closing song: Dead Kennedys – “Holiday In Cambodia”