Dongtini — Episode 94

July 25, 2013 in Podcast

On this episode: Richard Dawkins’ social manner, conception as a group effort, Jon Hamm’s Griffith Park hiking trail, Luke Burbank, gay guy attention > straight guy attention, objectively cute babies, Hemlock Grove, disappointment with fudge, and a Dongtini book club proposal.

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Dongtini – Episode 94

 One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis cake pan is detailed here

Stephy’s newest favorite novel.

Closing song: The Mynabirds — “Numbers Don’t Lie”

Dongtini — Episode 39

April 11, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode:  our parents confiscated Appetite For Destruction and In Utero, did yours? Simone queries Stephy on the resurrection, we squabble over whether soul patches or goatees are worse, and Stephy’s friend had some surprise surgery…at a party, not a hospital.

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Dongtini – Episode 39

Way to give the kids PTSD.

Knock yourself out at Draw A Dick On It and I Threw Up.

The aftermath of booze and cigarettes meets a sticker appropriate for the circumstances.

Never acceptable.See Stephy’s official rant against soul patches here.

FlyLady: the gayest site you'll ever The gayest site you'll ever love.
Friend of Dongtini Luke Burbank had Stephy was on Ross and Burbank to talk about Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll, yay!

Click here to hear Stephy talk to Luke Burbank about Mark Driscoll, and click here to see how Stephy’s Driscoll petition made Glenn Beck’s blog. Progress is her middle name! Sign it before it’s too late!

Closing song: Mike Patton — “Deep Down”