Dongtini — Episode 113

October 1, 2014 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone talks about ways lowbrow entertainment is turning us into Idiocracy, Stephy feels lowbrow entertainment reflects existing society, and a lively conversation ensues. Also: Simone has a list obsession, Stephy went to a work slumber party, Simone’s mum tried to pronounce Dongtini and boy was it funny, Stephy talked to Bust about Mark Driscoll and then tells of Tony Jones’ rough few weeks on the internet, Simone has a list addiction, Whopper Jr. has left the building, there exists an adorable dog named Snacky, and a listener calls in with a disheartening “moist” story.

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Dongtini – Episode 113

Simone, Stephy, Richard and Jona on Jona's birthdaySimone, Stephy, Richard and Jona on Jona’s birthday

 Stephy’s interview with Bust about Mark Driscoll.

Lauren Hoffman’s article on TV and shame which Stephy and Simone each had strong opinions about.

Snacky (@snacky_business on Instagram) is Stephy’s new obsession.

Closing song: Liz Phair — “Soap Star Joe”