Dongtini – Episode 109

July 2, 2014 in Podcast

On today’s show, the ladies cope with aging very well indeed, terrifying toilets are unpacked, dongs and their associates are in the news in Titanic proportions, Women’s Health tells you not to apologise and the proceeds to make you feel bad, daddy/daughter dates make most people uncomfortable and getting trapped in a room with a zombie is fun!


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Dongtini – Episode 109

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Kiwi DECK sealant commercial! They can’t say “deck” properly!

tanya-and-tyrone-bowdMother and son sad about his watermelon sized scrotum


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The sperm extraction machine!

See if Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is happening in your town!

Screenshot_2014-06-23-13-01-30Simone’s Android music library appears to have been Rick Rolled as songs with missing artwork appeared like this.

Closing song: Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Dongtini – Episode 25

January 4, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: a listener’s Christmas torment at the hands of her family (spoiler alert: disgusting gift from Grandma), sordid details of  Stephy’s sorority days and we now have voicemail! Call us! 1-323-301- DONG

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Stephy’s old sorority house. Yeah.

What kind of person wouldn’t want Afrosheen as a white elephant gift?

The trailer for Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic romp “The Road.”

This dog’s name is probably Bianca.

Closing song: Bon Jovi/Wham! mashup—”Careless or Dead”