Dongtini — Episode 95

September 11, 2013 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: Objectivity about baby cuteness, Stephy vs. Jesus Camp, Simone’s postpartum helpline ordeal (“help”line), how to get away from people on sidewalks holding clipboards, listener email, Simone & Stephanie: Streaming On Your Hard Drive with coincidental reviewing of 9/11 film “The Woman Who Wasn’t There” on 9/11, Simone’s Disgruntled Letter To Hanes, caramel pronounciation discrepancies, and we discuss being told by other women that we can’t say the c-word.  (Dare you to page Harry Seaward over an airport intercom.)

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Dongtini – Episode 95

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Wedgie free, my ass!
Rendering of “Proud Mary” at Jesus Camp™
A Stephy self-portrait of being tormented by guitarist in background giving hymns some Stevie Ray Vaughan treatment.

Closing song: Imperial Teen — “Shim Sham”