Dongtini – Episode 110

July 16, 2014 in Podcast by dongtini

On today’s show, Simone visits Stephy is Seattle for a laid back recording with Stephy’s primitive set up. Discussed is a disturbing website that pays some sort of tribute to Cameron Diaz, Asexuals are a-ok, the Experience Music Project in Seattle is kinda pretentious, Nirvana appreciation is shared, and rubbery ducky Amazon reviews are shared!


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Dongtini – Episode 110


Horrifying cum on Cameron Diaz link.

Listener Eugene’s awesome post explaining how privilege works and why those who have it shouldn’t be condemned or feel bad about it, but also shouldn’t be dicks. 

Stephanie appeared on The Friendly Atheist Podcast

41Yz7BvqB7L._SX425_Controversial sideways floating rubber duck by Toysmith, available on Amazon.

Closing song: Nirvana – “Serve The Servants”