Dongtini — Episode 62

September 19, 2012 in Podcast, Uncategorized

On this episode: Simone receives a divine revelation from Tim Gunn, Stephy rants about self-indulgent sermon intro videos in church, and scientists are growing dongs in petri dishes. Also: Mormon fundamentalism, death by silicone dong injection, Supergrass worship, the state with the highest porn and antidepressant consumption, Judah’s Ideas for Improving Stephen Hawking’s Life, Uplifting Dong News, Simone makes it work, and the phone call deciding Dongtini’s fate almost didn’t happen. Who’s the boss now, Tony Danza?

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Dongtini – Episode 62

Tim Gunn tells Simone she’s very stylish with a stunning head to toe look! And he knows what he’s talking about!
And here’s the written endorsement!
Would you let this woman near your dong? Results could be fatal.
Tim Gunn & Andre at Red Lobster
Petri dish dongs
That is some fucked up, repugnant shit.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

“Andre, you really embarrassed me tonight at Red Lobster.”

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Take one of an expensive wanky church video. Don’t think about how many hungry people this could have fed.

And here is Michael Buckingham’s post on sermon series intro videos that made Stephy so very sad.

 Closing song: Elton John feat. Simone Turkington — “Tony Danza