Dongtini – Episode 6

August 8, 2011 in Podcast

Just before recording this episode, Stephy and Simone were thwarted by a homeless man’s bare ass. Reconvened, they process the trauma together and recount the previous mint julep-soaked night spent watching YouTube inanity. Then: euphemisms for ladyparts, courtesy of Wikisaurus (who’d have thought?) and to keep the episode from being completely soulless, they discuss the stuff that was fatally embarrassing when they were younger. /end third person blurb

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Behold Tami’s stable-esque guest room door.
Hello, Wilbur.


The million-dollar video that hurts so good: the groundbreaking vanity video for
Chris Dane Owens’ Shine On Me:

(After you’ve seen it once and want to see it again, head over to CDO’s website for a high resolution version.)
A point of bonding for Stephy and Simone: “The ABC’s of Sex Education for Trainables”

And if you needed one last thing, here’s the reason China is leaving us all in the dust: Sixteen girls on one bicycle! If you don’t care for bike tricks, closing your eyes and enjoying the music is just as good.


Closing song: Mr. Bungle—”Stubb (a Dub)”