Dongtini — Episode 21

December 7, 2011 in Podcast

On this episode: the excruciating Virgin Diaries trailer, Dongtacular Vernacular, Taco Bell is going to think twice next time they discriminate against wheelchairs in their drive-thru, Simone’s game that requires Henry Rollins poetry, and Axe body spray gets a proper reaming by Neil Hamburger. Special feature: Stephy distorting! It’s like her trademark!™


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Big Tasty’s Dongtini inspired hand turkey.
Tasty does $20 Doodles on the last Sunday of every month in Burbank.
Head over there, LA peeps! He’s the breast.
Big Tasty gallantly provides Simone with his 15-year-old Taco Bell name tag. Treasured.
Amber Harvey who rammed into and smashed a Taco Bell door when they
wouldn’t serve her at the drive-thru window in her wheelchair.

The most painful trailer ever.

The new and unnecessary Three Stooges. Be annoyed.
Senior pics gone excellently.
Seven hundred fucking dollars. 
(courtesy of Dongtacular Vernacular)
Stephy’s picture that David saw in a hot local singles ad on Facebook.
Stephy’s pick for Simone’s hottest Facebook photo.
She swears not just because it’s blurry.
Simone’s 5th pick for Stephy’s hottest Facebook photo.
The the other four were all pictures of Lily Allen.

Closing song: Ween – “Waving My Dick In The Wind”