Dongtini — Episode 58

August 22, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone reads the original pitch for the completely surreal Jason Alexander/Nickelback video, Stephy repeatedly texted the wrong person because she assumed they were kidding (“Seriously, you have the wrong number.” “Whatever, asspunch!”), and David and Gregg show up for another disgusting round of Would You Rather? Also: the fuck threshold, early-onset dementia, Goodreads is fun and Stephy conducts an experiment in which she shows David gay porn while he is eating dinner (conclusion: definitely do that again).

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Dongtini – Episode 58

Hamm & eggs

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Wrong number texting is fun!
Social anxiety + cursing = Dongtini’s wheelhouse.

Stephy regrets that she cannot link to the picture she showed David while he was eating but she is presently posting this from work and cannot post it yet but will soon. Watch this space!

HERE it is! Very NSFW!- Simone

And here ANOTHER ONE of the same pair that listener Michael found post episode the airing of this episode!

And here are the Goodreads links for Stephy and Simone.

Closing song: Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman — “Stumblin’ In”

Dongtini — Episode 48

June 13, 2012 in AIDS lifecycle, arby's, Podcast, taco bell, things that go bump in the night

On this episode: Simone speaks to the ethics of naming your baby something lispy, Stephy was positive a serial killer broke in, and some guy hurt his junk at Arby’s. Also: Taco Bell news, Nickelback, a Bill story, and a megachurch domestic violence fail.

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Dongtini – Episode 48

Simone and Listener Ryan at the Lifecycle finish line!
Stephy ate all of these in one sitting.
This was the Crossing Church in Minnesota’s response to this cry for help.
We critically acclaim this review.


Closing song: Cliff Richard — “It’ll Be Me”