Dongtini — Episode 82

February 27, 2013 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone got rear-ended, Stephy encountered her longtime stalker, we get Sunday sad, Ben Parsons from Grapes of Rad is a man among men, issues of empathy within political parties, colon vs. cologne, the Onion cunt tweet, and indignant letters of complaint to Victoria’s Secret!

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Dongtini – Episode 82

Colon vs. cologne
Victoria’s Secret receives complaints.
People sure got mad about this.

Here is the link to Ben and Mel’s fundraiser for their daughter Phoenix Parsons.

 Closing song: Patrick Sampson — “Sono Un Uomo”

Dongtini — Episode 76

January 9, 2013 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone rescues baby kittens from her neighbor’s dementia, Stephy’s Amazon review of Mark Driscoll’s reprehensible new book is a ratings bonanza, skillful segues, Simone’s wet bread phobia gets more air play, Stephy finds a purpose behind her despair, the Bread community gets emotive in YouTube comments, “What’s Obama’s first name again?”, Stephy reads the worst Christmas card in the world, that return policy sure came in handy, shorthand rules, David tried to ruin Christmas by reading Mark Driscoll quotes, Danny Kaye and the VHS festival, Simone’s stupid ex-friend, Girls & Lena Dunham, Simone’s vomiting streak contends with her nail breaking streak, Rachel Boot, Tasha, Stephy was on Grapes of Rad last week, and you should call the Dongline! 323-301-DONG

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Dongtini – Episode 76

Shorthand! It looks like this.
These are the adorakittens Simone found a foster home for! Oh gawwwwd! If you live in LA, get in touch with Simone to adopt a baby!


Karen Carpenter kinda looked like Tig Notaro.

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‘Lost Without Your Love’ by Bread. Check out the comments for the most life affirming place on YouTube.

Closing song: The Carpenters—”Superstar”

Dongtini — Episode 72

December 6, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: Don Draper’s Palm Springs, are you in the market for a clear plastic couch filled with naked Ken dolls?, Christians getting married to do it, seeing Jesus in dog assholes, Aaron from Grapes of Rad’s birthday party, chocogasm cake, people getting all up in you face about their sexuality, crying at work, a butthurt theologian is like a powder keg, the presumptive condescension of asking “don’t you have anything better to do?”, who’s excited about the royal birth?, Listener Chrissy’s germ-defying parenting technique, and David Whitehouse’s “Real Life Advent Calendar Where I Open A Door And Eat What I Find.” Also: glory holes, Taco Bell, and the segue “speaking of Jesus….” CAN I GET A GAY-MEN?

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Dongtini – Episode 72

The gayest couch in Palm Springs (and possibly the solar system).


Simone’s vegan-yet-gluteny wedding cake

Click here for Simone’s blog on not having anything better to do/get a life and glory holes.


Jesus really IS everywhere.

And click here for the article about Joplin’s Taco Bell ropening excitement

 Closing song: Björk — “I Miss You”

Dongtini — Episode 35

March 16, 2012 in Podcast

On this episode: We recorded with Ben and Aaron from the Grapes of Rad and did a Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco taste test (Ben: “I’m gonna fold”), discussed leaving evangelicalism + atheism + heaven + hell + karma, the special way Amy Grant holds a microphone, sympathetic chest pain, the Holy Rollers blackjack documentary, epic sleeptalking (Simone: “I’d like to have a nocturnal adventure”), religion is based on fear and control, hypocrisy in general, Aaron teaches Simone the Sinner’s Prayer, heaven kinda sounds boring, being imaginative and open, atheists and Christians having a peaceable conversation about belief, Peter Rollins, writing people off (Ben: “I have a hard time writing people on”), the word retarded, Christian culture teaches people to disassociate and finally, becoming who you are under the layers of “have to” and “should.”


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Dongtini – Episode 35

Doritos'd for her pleasure.
How Amy Grant holds her mic. (The picture credit says Steve Hill which is too weird because Stephy's maiden name is Hill. Stephanie Hill! Steve Hill! Ooo!)

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Closing song: Sex Pistols—”God Save The Queen”