Dongtini — Episode 114

October 10, 2014 in Podcast

On this episode: Simone’s Australian rules football team won the Grand Final, Stephy has had a lifelong crush on Tom Landry,​ LASIK is expensive and scary, Facebook’s stalking of random links you open is also scary, Simone talks about general atheist disgruntlement with Richard Dawkins, Stephy drunk tweeted that Christian movie God’s Not Dead, Simone wrote another epic letter to customer service, and police found so very many dongs in glass jars.

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Dongtini – Episode 114

grandfinalSimone’s Hawks are the victors once again!
Stephy hearts Tom LandryStephy hearts Tom Landry

Here you can find episode 33 of You Are Not So Smart

Here is where you can find Stephy’s drunk tweeting of God’s Not Dead.

Closing song: The Easybeats — “Do You Have A Soul”