Dongtini — Episode 116

November 3, 2014 in Podcast, Uncategorized

On this episode: We know you’ve been waiting for Dongtini’s official take on 10 Hours of Walking Through NYC and now you’re going to get it. Also: Simone’s personality was assessed by a stranger, Stephy was propositioned by a gentleman lying on the sidewalk, the Giants suck, Simone’s in a new writers group, Stephy has chronic pumpkin patch angst, there’s a new Taco Bell app, more buttplug queries, Christian Mother Goose stories, and would you believe Simone was a debutante? And the closing song is scientifically proven to be amazing.

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Dongtini – Episode 116


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Simone the debutanteSimone the debutante
simonedeb1Young girl, get out of my mind.

Closing song: The Four Lads — “Standing on the Corner”