Dongtini — Episode 51

July 4, 2012 in Podcast by dongtini

On this episode: Simone discovers more Facebook wankery, Stephy’s son is asking about sex, fruitless googling for penis table smack and enlarged labia, and Woody Allen should be put down. Plus: a Reading From The Heart, Peter Rollins, Luke Burbank, dumb Kickstarter requests, and that Back To The Future hoax. P.S. We need boob episode participants!


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Dongtini – Episode 51


“Dong Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead”
Facebook’s next move towards world domination

Click here to take your email back from Facebook, those bastards.

If you believed this was real, you’re a bad Back to the Future fan.


Closing song: Clownvis Presley — “Call The Dongline”