Dongtini — Episode 8

August 30, 2011 in Podcast by dongtini

This time Stephy and Simone talk about bloody sibling brawls and share stripper fascination/disdain, Simone confesses a new love for an objectively horrible song, tells you about time she harassed Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s, and together they describe the Gayest House In LA. Cats and kids are assaulting their respective doors but they are handled quickly, and with severity.

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Peas in a pod
And now the Gayest House in LA aka House of Gaydom. Read the LA Times piece on it and behold the gaeity:
The Gayest House in LA on an average day.
The Gayest House In LA on Michael Jackson’s birthday.
A solitary David in a Beat It jacket
A throne of homage.
Simone on the phone with Stephy telling her about
the Michael Jackson-ified House of Gaydom
Simone’s cat Birdsworth reading up on the House of Gay
And here is the Tim Heidecker/Robert Popper prank call
that makes Stephy laugh-cry:
Closing song: The Gentle Waves—”Falling From Grace”